Based in Melbourne, we provide residential, retail, commercial and industrial clients with superior quality flooring solutions.

We have provided flooring solutions to brands such as Hype, Bardot, Kathmandu, DFO, and numerous homes and offices throughout Australia, and have been operating since 2007.

Alliance Specialised Flooring Pty Ltd caters for a range of retail, industrial, residential and commercial flooring services, offering unique solutions. Our extensive experience within the industry has been continuously expanded upon since our establishment in 2007. We use nothing but the latest technology and best products to provide innovative and modern flooring solutions to our clients.

Pangæa Polished Concrete Veneer

We particularly focus on providing Pangæa Polished Concrete Veneer (PCV) flooring to commercial and residential clients. This method of flooring takes polished concrete flooring to the next level, being superior in every way. We are proud to be the only accredited master installer and finisher of Pangæa PCV in Australia.

Polished concrete veneer flooring is a highly durable and visually brilliant option, being particularly ideal for commercial and residential spaces. Ordinary concrete floors don’t come without their issues, often cracking or ending up with inconsistent textures or colouring. Polished concrete veneer does not suffer the same issues, with its superior installation process meaning it can be installed as thinly as 10mm.

With 11 different colours, and the option to have matt, gloss or satin through our different systems, polished concrete veneer has revolutionised modern flooring.

Our comprehensive range of services, however, does not finish here. Click here to read more on our Epoxy flooring and concrete remedial repairs services.